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Join us on a Cheese Odyssey..!

We're going on a quest to bring you some FANTASTIC cheeses, some of which you may never have even heard of!

From Dorset to Durham, Land's End to Loch Ness, we're off exploring some great cheeses from the four corners of the world!!

The first stop on our odyssey is.... The West Country!!!

What's in the Box?

Dorset Blue Vinny- of course we couldn't go on an adventure without taking our very own Dorset Blue Vinny with us. We've been producing Dorset Blue Vinny at Woodbridge Farm for more than 35 years! Creamy, crumbly and completely delicious!

Keens Cheddar- A traditional unpasteurised cheddar which has been produced in Somerset by the Keen family since 1899. This cheese really packs a punch! (not suitable for vegetarians)

Chatel Brie- chatel, cornish for cattle is a creamy, buttery brie with a smooth texture. Perfect for cheese boards, toasties or even cooking with!

All of this can be delivered direct to your door for just £19.95 or visit us at our Pop Up Shop to pick one up!!

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