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Fresh Milk from Woodbridge Farm

 Visit Woodbridge Farm for delicious fresh milk and other local products from our vending machines.

Some reasons to visit our vending machines

  • No Plastic- Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe so give it a clean and pop back for a refill without sending any waste to landfill- or bring your own bottles from home

  • No Food Miles- Our milk machine is less than 100 metres away from the milking parlour

  • Our Milk isn't Homogenised- Our milk hasn't been homogenised so the cream will naturally settle on top, just give it a good shake or enjoy the creamy top

  • Suitable for Everyone- We pasteurise our milk so everyone can enjoy it

  • Not Just Milk- We don't just do milk! Alongside our fresh milk vending machine we have; fresh bread delivered most days, fruit & vegetable boxes, cheddar, homemade rice pudding, sausages, bacon, chutney, our own handmade butter, Chirpy Chicken's eggs, honey, crackers, yoghurt and of course our very own Dorset Blue Vinny, available everyday

  • Open 7 Days a Week- Our vending machines are open from 7am to 8pm 7 days a week, meaning that you can visit whatever day you fancy.

Milk Vending Machine
Milk Bottle.jpg

"We purchased your wonderful cucumber pickle. It's so delicious, I can eat it straight from the jar and is totally guilt free. We bought a little malt granary loaf from your basket, a lump of your beautiful cheese and two pints of milk. Stopped in a local beauty spot [...] found a plastic knife in the boot of my car, hacked two slices of bread, crumbled your wonderful blue vinny, tipped on your cucumber pickle and made the best sandwich we've ever tasted!!! Washed down with a swig of milk. Woodbridge Farm, the best takeaway by far!!!"

"We've booked our first break away next week to your neck of the woods - will be stopping by with my bottle from last September! Looking forward to milk, butter, Blue Vinny and a veg box."

"Don't get my milk from anywhere else now, and nowhere else could I get a fresh pint at 6.30 when I suddenly realise we've ran out"

"We enjoyed seeing the cows this morning when coming and getting milk ready for breakfast"

" We called in this morning and bought Blue Vinny, cream and milk - we've sampled the cheese, it's wonderful. The cream is 'proper' and the milk- words won't do it justice! Only wish we lived in Dorset then my shiny milk bottle would get refilled over and over again. Rest assured we will be back!"

" Love the set up in your vending machine also, being able to buy cheese and rice pudding from it is amazing"

"So cool, a cheese vending machine. Absolutely brilliant"

Our Milk

Before filling up our vending machine, our milk is pasteurised to remove any bad bacteria but has not been homogenised to allow to milk to keep its full flavour and natural benefits

What is Homogenisation?

To cut a long story short... when milk is homogenised it is forced through a narrow nozzle under pressure to break up the globules of fat (cream) and disperse it throughout the milk, this process stops the milk & cream from separating in the bottle. However, homogenisation doesn't just break up the fat, it can also alter some of the milk's other natural benefits. So, we don't homogenise our milk so that you can enjoy it with its natural flavour and benefits.

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