Top 10 ways to eat Woodbridge Chutney

Do you have a half-eaten jar of Woodbridge chutney hiding in your fridge that you just don’t know what to do with?! Well, we’ve conducted some rather delicious & very scientific research to find out the top 10 ways to eat Woodbridge Chutney…

  1. In a Toastie: Cover your Bread with Woodbridge Chuteny & Dorset Blue Vinny, pop it in the toastie maker and voila- the perfect toastie!

  2. With (Blue) Cheese: The salty, tanginess of the cheese and the sweet, fruity flavours of the chutney blend into a marvellous flavour sensation!

  3. In Sausage Rolls: Mix a dollop of Woodbridge chutney into the sausage meat before baking! Or, simply use the chutney as a delectable dip… mmm, yum!!

  4. As a Glaze or Marinade: Cover carrots, pork, beef, sweet potatoes, squash or whatever you want marinated with Woodbridge Chutney to create something extra delicious.

  5. As a Salad Dressing: Dollop some Woodbridge chutney on your salad to give it a fresh and fruity kick and brighten up your lunch.

  6. As a Dip: Pop a jar out with your carrot sticks, crisps or any other dip-able foods and let your guests dive on in… it’s delicious! But remember, nobody likes a double dipper!!

  7. With Baked Brie: The sweetness of the pears in Woodbridge chutney, go brilliantly with the cheesy gooeyness of a baked brie! Yum!

  8. With a Curry: No mango chutney, no bother! Try Woodbridge chutney instead! It’s sweet, moreish and delightfully delicious!

  9. With Pâté: Woodbridge chutney & pâté, either on toast or crackers, with lashings of butter is a delicious combo! Go on, give it a go!

  10. In Stuffed Mushrooms: Put a spoonful of Woodbridge chutney and a hunk of Dorset Blue Vinny cheese inside a flat mushroom & pop it under the grill- it’s so simple yet so unbelievably delicious!!

If you know of any other super delicious ways to polish off that jar of Woodbridge Chutney, we’d love to hear them!

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