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Top 10 Ways to Eat Sweet Pickled Cucumbers..!

Have you ever bought a jar of our Sweet Pickled Cucumbers and wondered what on earth to do with them? Well, we've come up with 10 different delicious and delightful ways to eat Sweet Pickled Cucumbers...

  1. In a Burger: Tired of boring old burgers... add a few slices of Sweet Pickled Cucumbers to your burger to give them a deliciously fresh new flavour!!

  2. With Cheese: Of course, Sweet Pickled Cucumbers taste delicious with Dorset Blue Vinny but are also great with other cheeses; cheddar, goats cheese or a creamy Camembert... the possibilities are endless!

  3. On Top of Canapes: Jazz up those boring canapes with a slice of our cucumbers to create a whole new flavour!

  4. In a Sandwich: Spruce up you sandwich fillings with a few sliced of Sweet Pickled Cucumbers!!

  5. In Homemade Sushi: If you're looking for a healthy option to wow your friends with- try making your own sushi and add a couple of slices of cucumber... yummy!

  6. With Nachos: Having a Mexican night? Pop a few cucumbers on your nachos with some salsa, sour cream, cheese and jalapenos for an unusual twist to a Mexican favourite!

  7. In a Martini: Ok, so this one's not really a food but it is delicious and you get to eat the cucumber afterwards so it counts- pop a slice or two into your martini and give it a sip as the flavours mingle together.

  8. On a Salad: Jazz up your salad with a few slices of Sweet Pickled Cucumbers... go on, give yourself something to look forward to at lunch time!

  9. With Tapas: Enjoying a tapas evening with your friends? Sweet Pickled Cucumbers go with almost anything and will make your tapas selection really come alive!

  10. And our favourite.... Straight from the Jar: Be warned with this one... once you open the lid of that jar, you won't be able to stop munching 'til they're all gone!!

If you know of any other great ways to eat our Sweet Pickled Cucumbers- tag us in your photos on social media or email them to us... we'd love to see them!

Sweet Pickled Cucumbers

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