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Dorset Blue Vinny Pancakes with Bacon & Honey

Dorset Blue Vinny Pancakes
For the Pancakes

200g Self-Raising Flour

1 tsp Baking Powder

1 tbsp Golden/Light Brown Caster Sugar

3 Eggs

200ml Milk

Oil/Knob of Butter for cooking

For the Topping

Streaky Bacon

Runny Honey

Nice Chunk of Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese

Blend together all the dry pancake ingredients in a jug then whisk in the eggs & milk with an electric whisk until all smooth and well mixed in.

Begin to melt your butter/heat your oil on a medium heat. Pour the batter into the pan in small rounds... be careful they're not too close otherwise they'll stick together.

Cook for a couple minutes or until you see lots of tiny bubbles appear on the surface then flip the pancake over. Keep cooking & flipping until a nice golden colour on both sides. Repeat until all the batter is used up.

Stack your pancakes on a plate and top with streaky bacon, crumbled Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese and a good dollop of runny honey.... enjoy!

Don't forget to take a photo if you try this recipe and send it to us for a chance to win free cheese!!

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