Join us on a Cheese Odyssey...

Tempted to try new cheeses but get 'cheese-freeze' when you arrive at the cheese counter and don't know which ones to pick?

Introducing our Cheese Odyssey Box!!

From Dorset to Durham, Land's End to Loch Ness, we're on a quest to find different cheeses for you to try. Come join us on our cheesy adventure!

Come back soon to see where our Cheese Odyssey takes us next..!

What was in Father's Day Cheese Odyssey Box?

Dorset Blue Vinny (400g)- we've been making Dorset Blue Vinny at Woodbridge Farm in the heart of Dorset for almost 40 years. Creamy, crumbly and completely delicious.

Barbers 1833 Cheddar (190g)- The Barber family in Somerset have been producing cheddar since 1833, that's 6 generations of cheesemakers. This powerful cheddar is one of their favourite and carries a very intense flavour.

West Country Brie (250g)- This is a fantastic British alternative to the classic French brie. Made in the beautiful west country, it's tricky to not polish off the whole lot in one helping..!

What has been in the previous Cheese Odyssey Boxes..?

The West Country Odyssey Box-
Dorset Blue Vinny, 
Keens Cheddar & Chatel Brie