Come on a Cheese Odyssey...

Come on a Cheese Odyssey with us and discover some fantastic new cheeses for you, your friends & family to enjoy.

Valentine's Day Cheese Odyssey Box


Give the gift of cheese to your loved ones this Valentine's Day. What better way to tell someone you love them than to send them a delicious selection of British cheeses.

Each box contains...

  • Dorset Blue Vinny min 300g
    Vegetarian, Pasteurised

  • White Lake 'Heart of Gold' 180g
    A delicious, mild & creamy brie made with Guernsey cows' milk. Made by the team at White Lake near Glastonbury in Somerset, they've won a plethora of awards for their array of cheeses.
    Vegetarian, Pasteurised

  • Godminster Organic Cheddar Heart 200g
    The team at Godminster have been producing this tasty organic cheddar in Bruton, Somerset for 20 years. It's matured for up to 12 months which gives it a distinctively delicious flavour.
    Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Organic

  • Spiced Tomato Chutney (made here at Woodbridge Farm) 280g

  • Free Delivery in time for Valentine's Day

All of this and FREE DELIVERY for just £30

What is a Cheese Odyssey?

A cheese odyssey is a cheese adventure! Every so often we put together a box of some truly smashing cheeses (some of which you might not have even heard of before) and deliver them straight to your door. There are over 700 different cheeses made in the UK so we carefully select some of our favourites. We hope you will love them just as much as we do.

Perfect as a gift for a loved one or even a cheesy treat for yourself..!

What was in the PREVIOUS Cheese Odyssey Boxes..?

Christmas Odyssey Boxes-

Odyssey Gift Box- Dorset Blue Vinny, Cotswold Organic Brie, Glastonbury Twanger, Woodbridge Chutney

Family Odyssey- Dorset Blue Vinny, Cotswold Organic Brie, Cornish Yarg, Sharpham Rustic, Woodbridge Chutney, Spiced Tomato Chutney, Crackers, Woodbridge Farm Bag

Ultimate Odyssey- Dorset Blue Vinny, Cotswold Organic Brie, Cornish Yarg, Sharpham Rustic, Bath Soft, Woodbirdge Chutney, Spiced Tomato Chutney, Sweet Pickled Cucumbers, 2 Crackers, Homemade Fruit Cake.

Father's Day Box-

Dorset Blue Vinny, Cave Aged Cheddar and a choice between either Shakespeare or Baby Waterloo

Valentines Day Box-

Dorset Blue Vinny, Godminster Cheddar Heart & Baron Bigod I Love You Heart

Father's Day Box-

Dorset Blue Vinny, Barbers 1833 Cheddar, West Country Brie

The West Country Odyssey Box-
Dorset Blue Vinny, 
Keens Cheddar & Chatel Brie