Fresh Milk from Woodbridge Farm

Our brand new milk vending machine is now open..! Pop over to Woodbridge Farm for some delicious fresh milk and other local products

Why visit our milk vending machine?

  • No Plastic- Our glass bottles are dishwasher safe so give it a clean and pop back for a refill without sending any waste to landfill

  • No Food Miles- Our milk machine is less than 100 meters away from the milking parlour

  • Our Milk isn't Homogenised- Our milk hasn't been homogenised so the cream will naturally settle on top, just give it a good shake or enjoy the creamy top

  • Suitable for Everyone- We pasteurise our milk to make sure that its safe for everyone to enjoy

  • Not Just Milk- We don't just do milk! Alongside our fresh milk vending machine we have; Haystack Cheddar, West Country Brie, Pies, Homemade Rice Pudding, Sausages (with Dorset Blue Vinny in them), Chutney, Fresh Soup, Grandad's Eggs, Dorset Knobs and of course our very own Dorset Blue Vinny, available everyday!

  • Open 7 Days a Week- Our vending machines are open from 8am to 4pm 7 days a week, meaning that you can pop in whatever day you fancy

Our Milk

Before filling up our vending machine, our milk is pasteurised to remove any bad bacteria but has not been homogenised to allow to milk to keep its full flavour and natural benefits

What is Homogenisation?

To cut a long story short... when milk is homogenised it is forced through a narrow nozzle under pressure to break up the globules of fat (cream) and disperse it throughout the milk, this process stops the milk & cream from separating in the bottle. However, homogenisation doesn't just break up the fat, it can also alter some of the milk's other natural benefits. So, we don't homogenise our milk so that you can enjoy it with its natural flavour and benefits.