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Mothers Day Delight!

Mothers Day Delight!



Happy Mothers Day !




*Please note the Mothers Day Gift box  will be despatched  in time for Mother's Day.


**Contents of box is subject to availability - if a product is not available, it will be substituted for something similar or greater value.

  • What's in the Box...

    Dorset Blue Vinny  Mini - approx 300g - we've been making Dorset Blue Vinny at Woodbridge Farm since the early 1980s.  Creamy, crumbly and completely delicious!

    Cow's milk, pasteurised, vegetarian

    Village Made Maida Vale - 180g - semi-softunpasteurised guernsey cowsmilk cheese.  Washed in Soudwave IPA

    Cow's milk, unpasteurised, vegetarian

    Sun & flower soap - handmade locally in Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset this all natural calendula soap smells divine and will be a great treat for Mum!

    Beebomb  - another locally sourced Dorset product. Beebombs need no gardening skills and can be scattered straight onto open ground at any time of the year. Once scattered, they just need lots of water, sun and time. Watch the wildflowers grow and the bees buzz






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